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Portable Vet Ultrasound Machine Handheld Ultrasound for Cattle Horse V8

Easy-to-use ultrasound scanner for animal diagnosis
Ergonomically designed to sit comfortably
Splash-resistant and dust tight
Battery powered
Light weight

Target customer: Veterinary, farmer, breeder, veterinary clinic.

Technical Specification:

Monitor size

5.0 inch

Display model

B , B+B, B+M, M, 4B

Gray Shade

256 levels

Scan Depth

70~140mm, adjustable

Cine Loop

≥ 400 frames

Built-in Memory

 64 images

Focus Position

2 points adjustable

Image Reservation

Up/down, left/right

Image Procession

Coded color, GAMA, Histogram and Image Smoothen

OB Measurement

Swine -- HL Sheep/Goat -- USD Cat --HD, BD Dog -- BD, GSD, CRL, HD, BD


Distance, Circumference, Area


N. G (near gain) adjustable

Battery Working Time

≥ 3 hrs

Battery Charging Time

 ≥ 2hr

Net Weight



Metallic case in a carton box