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Full Digital Wrist Design Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner KX5200

Applied animals:
Bovine, equine, ovine, canine, feline, goat, swine, and llama

Standard configuration:

*Main unit: 1 pc

*6.5MHz linear rectal probe : 1 pc

*Power adapter: 1 pc

*Internal battery : 2 pcs

*The leather Case: 1 unit

*Base Charger, belt, bracket, shutter release: 1 pc for each.

Optional configuration:


4.0Mhz multi-frequency convex rectal Probe(KAIXIN PATENT)

6.5MHz multi-frequency micro-convex probe

3.5MHz multi-frequency convex probe

7.5MHz multi-frequency linear probe

3.5MHz loin muscle probe



Technical Specification:

*Adopt ARM7 Embedded Control Systems and proprietary miniaturization technology of

ultrasonic hardware system.

*5.7″ High resolution color LCD, high brightness, high contrast, wide visual, suitable for

outdoor use.

*Language: Chinese/English switchable.

*Single probe socket, automatically identify the probe, support several optional probes.

*Body mark: 1. general use 2.bovine 3.canine 4.equine 5.feline 6. Cardiology, 7.swine—7

kinds, total 27 pcs of body marks with probe position.

*Display mode:B、2B、4B 、B/M、M, total 5 kinds.

*8 kinds of Magnification, maximum display depth is 240mm.

*Gain range:0~127dB

*Dynamic range:27~90dB


*Intelligent TGC control: near-field and far-field adjustment

*Adjustable and intelligent focus.

*Frame frequency:30 frames/second.

*Pseudo-color: 8 kinds (incl. B/W).

*Permanent image storage: 100 frames.

*Cine loop:256 frames.

*Puncture guiding function( 2 guiding lines, angel and position adjustable)

*Probe model:electronic convex and linear

*Elements of probe:80

*USB port support one-key storage image to USB and color laser printer directly print various

image and reports.

*Dual-mode TV output: PAL/NTSC, connecting to thermal printer and ultrasonic working


*Net weight:1.1kg.

*Main unit size: 155x180x80mm(length x width x height).