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Full Digital Portable Color doppler Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner DCU12

DCU12 have the leading image process technical
and practical clinic solution method, apply to ultrasound diagnosis of Bovine, Canine,
Equine, Feline, Goat, Camel, Ovine and Swine.

Primary system performance overview

1. Adopt A8 Embedded flat form, entirely defenses virus invasion, with highly reliability.

2. Operation system: Linux operation system, Chinese/English menu can switch arbitrarily.

3. Full digital multi-beam formation technologies, high accuracy postpone point wise adopt dynamic focusing, 

broadband frequency imaging, adaptive imaging optimization technique, adaptive vessel imaging, adaptive Doppler imaging etc.

4. Broadband frequency full digital sound former: dynamic focusing.

5. Two-dimensional gray-scale imaging unit.

6. M mode imaging unit.

7. Dynamic range can visual and adapt.

8. Two-dimensional gray-scale imaging unit, gray-scale≥256, with excellent subtle and contrast resolution and full uniformity.

Technical Specification:

Gray scale: 256

Color scale: 256

Monitor: 10.4” flicker free high resolution medical color LCD.

Adapter rating: 100-240V~1.2-6.0A Frequency: 50-60Hz

Output of adapter: DC12.8V 3.0A

Power consumption: ≤100VA

Main unit size: approx. 256*150*326(mm, L*M*H)

Weight of main unit: approx. 4.5kg(excluding accessories)

Standard configuration

Main unit : 1 PC

3.5MHz common abdominal probe: 1PC

You can choose any 1pc probe from below :

6.5MHz rectal linear probe

7.5MHz linear probe

6.5MHz micro-convex probe

Work station software : 1 Set

Reticle:1 pc

Optional accessories

Foot switch

Portable trolley

Video recorder

Ethernet switch