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Portable ETCO2 SPO2 tabletop oximeter YK-810

This tabletop pulse oximeter is intended for spot checking, continuous, noninvasive monitoring or recording of functional oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin (SpO2), pulse rate and pulse strength for adult, peadiatric and neonatal patients.


    · 4.3 inch high-precision color TFT display, continuous adjustable brightness.

    · Light weight and compact, very portable to carry during patient transportation.
    · Built in high capacity battery for long time operation.
    · Review trend data at any time for any patient.
    · 3-level visual/audio alarms and alarm events can be stored and reviewed.
    · High capacity storage, power-off data protection.
    · Suitable for adult, pediatric and neonate patient.

Technical Parameter:


4.3 inch high-precision color TFT display


SpO2 and Pulse Rate

Displaying Modes

Three Displaying Modes

Power supply

AC power adapter, lithium battery


Range: 0%-100%

Accuracy: ±2% at 70-100%;<70%, undefined

Pulse rate

Range: 30-250bpm

Accuracy: ±2bpm at 30-250bpm